Ransomware Readiness

We’re here to help protect you against ransomware attacks.

Ransomware is constantly shifting and evolving. So should you.

Your organization deserves the full, continuous coverage it needs to remain secure in the face of cyber threats.

You need full coverage.

Tacticly provides you with an all-encompassing, continuous security threat detection, validation, remediation, and monitoring solution.

We emulate a real-world scenario where tactics, techniques, and practices around social engineering, external network, internal network, and breach and attack simulations are utilized to gauge and score your security posture.

We are able to provide these cybersecurity solutions to you through our Ransomware Readiness stack composed of four main quadrants to validate your security tools and help secure your organization in the face of Ransomware attacks.

Introducing our Ransomware Readiness quadrants:


External Network Penetration Test

✓ Attack Surface Management
✓ Threat Intelligence Monitoring
✓ Open Source Intelligence Assessment

Actively Hack Your Organization

Internal Network Penetration Test

✓ Crown Jewels Objective-Based Testing
✓ Active Directory Audit
✓ Continuous Attack Path Exploitation


Social Engineering Campaign

✓ Test Email/SMS Technical Controls
✓ Evaluate User Awareness Against Attacks
✓ Train Your Employees Against Phishing

Improve Ransomware Resiliency

Breach & Attack Simulation

✓ Validate EDR, NDR, AD Configurations, etc.
✓ Execute Real Malware Strains Safely In A Simulation Lab
✓ Increase Your Overall Security Posture

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