Our Story

Our Vision Was Simple.

We wanted to change the way cybersecurity operated as a whole.

As cybersecurity practitioners and experts ourselves, we saw a constant struggle. The issues surrounding the detection, remediation, and mitigation of cyber threats. 

We saw the pain points of Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking, from both parties involved. The lack of coverage, lack of validation of their security posture, and lack of budget to afford the right solution.

No one had an answer to continuous, on-demand, security tool validation, and constant monitoring of their environments to protect against Ransomware Attacks.

There needed to be a shift in the industry to allow Small to Medium-Sized Businesses to Enterprise-Level Businesses to get the proper security assessments they need to feel secure.

This was when Tactic.ly was born.

We wanted companies to feel safe. We wanted organizations to trust in their security again, and to be reassured that they’re doing the due diligence they require to protect against cyber threats and malicious attacks.

What initially started off as a boutique cybersecurity research firm in 2019, grew to the creation of a Ransomware Readiness Assessment through our growing client base and client feedback. This was where we took the step to offer services around penetration testing, compliance/security assessments, and so on.

This is where we saw the perpetual lag in being able to provide organizations with the information and steps they need to defend themselves and enforce their security. This awareness provided us with the incentive we needed to create the solution to the growing problem.

Now in 2023, we have turned this into an automated solution where your security needs are met with an affordable, simple-to-use, on-demand, and continuous solution to security validation.

So not only can you discover what vulnerabilities your company is exposed to, but you can understand that risk, reduce the exposure to that risk, and start patching up the gaps in your security posture.

You shouldn’t have to guess on whether your business is safe and secure. We validate that for you and give you the remediation roadmap you need to feel confident in your business’ defenses and reduce your business’ risk of exploitation and cybersecurity exposure.

Eliminate the guesswork. 

Ensure your organization’s security has full coverage from social engineering, to external environments, internal environments, and breach and attack scenarios.

We’ve helped companies around the world in all shapes and sizes discover their real-world security posture in real time by emulating/simulating attacks on all layers of their environments.

Join us at Tactic.ly, where our specialized, expert-level tacticians have created a product to give you the peace of mind that your company’s been waiting for.

Stop hoping that you’re secure. Start knowing that you’re secure.

Are we the right fit for you?

We’ve helped hundreds of companies, just like yours, secure their organizations. That doesn’t always mean we’re the right choice for you. Let’s find out! Reach out to us today.